Fotostrap camera straps, the best personalized gift for photography lovers that gives back

Photographers are unique artists in their own right with a special eye for capturing those defining life moments, as well as the more subtle details that often go unnoticed. But it’s precisely those details that give people, places and pictures life, and that love and that passion pour through onto the film. 

Whether they prefer to use a DSLR camera or Lomography, a Canon 6D or a Nikon D3100, or maybe just dabbling in their hobby with a beginner’s camera, they are all capable of producing beautiful results. Although, it’s true that the camera doens’t make the photographer, the beauty is captured by the eye of the beholder. Those who have a passion for photography put themselves into their work, and their personalities pour out onto the negatives, which is what makes each picture distinct from the next, a truly personal experience.

Love for photography

Love for photography

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Top Spring Fashion Finds from Moodyo’s new store, Mint & Pink

The warm weather is upon us, and we all know what that means – spring is almost here! That’s right, soon it will be time to pack away the long winter coats and warm layers to change them out for light jackets, sun dresses and t-shirts. Its the time of year when people finally start to come out of hibernation from the long, cold winter months to hit the streets and soak up the sun. Here, we’ll go over the top spring fashion finds from our new casual-chic fashion boutique, Mint & Pink, to help you get ready for the spring with all the latest trends.

Pastel is, without a doubt, the color of spring this season, in all its different shades in greens, pinks, blues, you name it. For a casual date, afternoon out and about or day of shopping, this pastel green chiffon dress is the perfect option. Combine it with pastel pink and green accessories, and a flower accent like this light yellow rose ring, and you’ll get that casual-chic look you’re going for. As far as makeup, try a brighter pink lipstick, and a light pink eyeshadow that matches your nails, which will contrast nicely with the green.

pastel green chiffon dress

pastel green chiffon dress


















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Mooneys, a virtual coin that can now be used toward the purchase

> Moodyo users have accumulated more than 1 million Mooneys in the past couple months, equivalent to $10,000 dollars in discounts, available starting today.

> Different from other stores, that award points for shopping, Moodyo assigns Mooneys to users for their activity, like clicking on “I want it” or inviting friends to join Moodyo.

Moodyo has launched a new initiative on the social networks: giving virtual money to users to reward their activity and allowing them to use it toward the purchase. In order to better understand this feature, think of it as equivalent to Twitter of Facebook paying you for every new follower or friend you accumulate, or for making comments.


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Find People Like You with the New Categorized Profiles

We believe that finding people with similar taste is very important. People who can inspire you or that are willing to give you feedback while shopping. Sporty people, Fashionistas, Moms… everybody can identify with a category in Moodyo.

The user rankings says that Txema is slightly freaky!

The user rankings says that Txema is slightly freaky!

Our wonderful algorithm, developed by Álex Guerra (the brain) and Javi Padilla (the creative) has automatically categorized thousands of users, based on their activity until now. The result of this categorization: the new thematic profiles. Continue reading

A new year, a new you: decorations are what dreams are made of – Top 6 home decor products under $20

It happens every year. New Year’s Eve rolls around, and we start to make resolutions. When really, it’s just a recipe for a setback (because failure doesn’t exist). All the pressure, so little time and so many huge goals to fulfill is overwhelming.

 So why don’t we make this year about a change in attitude instead?

Let’s start with the home. When you’re inspired by your surroundings, you’re happier and you’re more motivated, which is when the creative juices flow. Day dream while you decorate!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a change, the little things can make a world of difference. Even adding a touch of color can influence and enhance your mood.

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Gossiping about friends and their profiles is the main reason for signing up on a social shopping network

Getting information on the quality of a product or receiving geolocation discounts, among the top attractive features for users who get into “social shopping”

If the users of the social shopping network, Moodyo, had to choose just one reason to invite friends, they would have it clear: to gossip about the things their friends like. FInding out if a product is quality, or consulting the geek of the group before buying a technological gadget are important reasons, yet secondary compared to the curiosity invoked by wanting to know what a friend is going to buy on sale.

The main reason for inviting friends on a social shopping network is to gossip

The main reason for inviting friends on a social shopping network is to gossip

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How to earn Mooneys from your activity on Moodyo: main actions

From the moment the user signs up on Moodyo, begins to create their shopper profile and accumulates Mooneys. This the official virtual currency on our platform. Every action has its own equivalance in Mooneys that can be exchanged for discounts and other services.

The exchange for Mooneys is simple: 1 Mooney is equal to 1 cent of a dollar. 

There are users with more than 10.000 Mooneys. Without realizing, they have accumulated more than $100 that will be interchangeable at all Moodyo stores. This is a gift we have reserved for them this Christmas.

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Moodyo launches “consumer Klout™”

Throughout the past couple months, we’ve been enjoying the Badges and Mooneys in Moodyo. We say ‘we’ because it’s been fun for the users, and has served to help increase weekly user interaction, and to multiply the average time spent on the web site by three. This data lead us to think that the profiles of the people who make up Moodyo should reflect this trend.

The new Moodyo user profiles are now activeWe’re also finishing up polishing off the search results and list details. In the next couple days, we will also launch the Moodyo webapp, which will allow any user to enjoy the platform from any device.


Leticia Blanco, y su perfil de Vintage and Chic
Leticia Blanco, and her Vintage and Chic profile

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Thank you from web summit

We now know how artists feel when they play in a sold out auditorium, writers that make best sellers (and hopefully always do) or sports stars that inspire their fans. Lately, we’re getting around a lot, but no matter where we are, we are always accompanied by are unconditional fans. Always with supportive words, and with a review or critique of the latest developement in Moodyo, giving us the push we need when we see that something can be improved.

We are currently at the sold out tech convention, Web Summit, and from here we’d like to say thanks to all those who feel identified by the lines above. And to put a little more heart and soul into this thank you, we made a video from Dublin. (To tide you over while we prepare more detailed post on all that happened during these past couple days.

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!

Gracias desde WebSummit

One day away from Web Summit

Today we’re going to give you the medical synopsis, because it’s like an infirmary around here. Javi has a kink in his neck, Alex started with conjunctivitis last week, with his eyes looking like a vampire, and now has a cold like the one the kids get when they go back to school. Megan’s phone is in the ICU again (this deserves a post of its own, because her cell phone history is long enough to write a book) so now she is currently operating a basic Nokia with no internet and no camera, remember the ones we all started out with? Not to mention, she is missing out on all the luxuries of the mobile app (by the way, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’re taking a little too long :P get it HEREEEE!!!!!)

The rest of the team is safe and sound, for now. We’re crossing our fingers because this week, we have a very important meeting at Web Summit in Dublin, so we need to give it our all and stay on our toes. Javi and Alex will be making the journey, while the rest of us will be here for moral support from our office in Dos Hermanas (two sisters) Spain taking care of the work behind the scenes.

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